How we became Bad Ass Unicorns

Welcome to our next adventure…a Blog by Two Bad Ass Unicorns!

Three years ago, I met Sarah in a Tabata class at our local gym. We started off as just gym acquaintances complaining on the same struggle bus that our teacher Jonas was evil. Evil in the way that gives you buns of steel though!


Eventually, we started to do races together and then someone got the idea to do a half marathon which meant we started training together. And that is how we became best friends. We bonded over our love for running and lifted each other up when it got hard. Somehow I convinced Sarah to register for a trail run as our first half marathon. Guys, don’t ever do this! Especially if you aren’t used to trail running. But we conquered and had a blast. And then we had food and beer! Beer and food! Below you can see us smiling at the finish line of our first half marathon.

14232404_10209332691569303_8353290700930602102_n (1)

Quickly after this race, we decided to do a normal half marathon where we didn’t have to climb mountains! We registered for the Greenline Half Marathon where Mother Nature decided to be super hot in October and Sarah had to pee in the middle of the race. Again, we conquered and treated ourselves to beer and food!


During this time, we adopted the name Bad Ass Unicorns based off a cute picture Sarah found on the Internet.


So we invite you to join these Bad Ass Unicorns in sharing our stories on the road. Our stories of triumphs. Our stories of struggle. Our stories of sweat. Our stories of fun. We are going to register for the St. Jude Full Marathon in December. That’s 26.2 miles people! We hope you will join us in the journey to our new goal of running a really stupid and long distance.

One mile at a time!

With love,



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