Tales from the Long Run

Sarah and I have a race coming up the first weekend in June, the Navy Ten Nautical Miler aka an 11.5 mile race. It’s the first foot race measured in nautical miles in history. We are pretty excited to finally get to participate. 

I guess you could say we’ve kind of been training… 8 mile runs here and there. We skipped 9 cause life happens and went straight to 10 when we realized it was two weeks away! So here is my tale from my first 10 mile run since our last training cycle. 

I’m all pumped up to run Saturday morning after crafting Pony Boats with Sarah (If you have to ask, you aren’t that cool). My husband is like, “Honey, look at the radar. Might not be a good idea.” I’m like, “My phone says different, no worries!” 

WRONG! I don’t even make if off our street before the rain starts! I had already taken my energy gel so I thought well I could try it on the dreadmill….HA! 

Needless to say, I got 4 miles in and abandoned ship! I hate the treadmill. I started running on the treadmill originally but ever since I started training outside, I can’t go back! 

And now it’s Sunday Funday and Mother Nature blessed me with a clear morning. My husband also made me a sweet running bracelet to represent strength during my runs. It’s got the color of the earth, air and sun. So with all this positive energy I set out to run 10 slow and easy miles. Let’s be real, all my miles are slow. Sometimes not that easy. 

I love where I live in rural West Tennessee. It’s so peaceful to run in the farmlands. Sometimes creepy when I decide to listen to murder podcasts (My Favorite Murder anyone?!) Still beautiful though. Soon the corn will be high and the cotton will be blooming.

So two hours later (told you, slow) I’m back home with sore legs and a hungry belly. And there is NO chocolate milk!!! It was quite devastating. Now I have to grocery shop where I hope my legs won’t fail me. Anyways, I think me and Sarah are more than ready for this race. We both got our ten miles in this weekend. We get to spend some time at the Happy Cactus for Memorial Day. You’ll get to hear from us both about our time running nauticaly! 

Hope you guys got to enjoy the outdoors this weekend. Maybe you enjoyed a run in nature or even on a dreadmill! Whatever you did, you’re awesome. Thanks for stopping by. 

With soreness, 


One comment

  1. Katie · May 22, 2017

    Beautiful pics! Treadmill vs. Nature?! Nature wins.

    Liked by 1 person

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