Do More of What Makes You Happy

“Do more of what makes you happy” has been one of my main mantras this past year and I feel that because of it my life has changed.

Add more joy to your life. What makes you happy? Whatever it is, Do it! It doesn’t matter if it’s weird or not normal. What is normal anyways? I love to drive with my windows down and the air conditioner on. Why? Because I love the outdoors. I love to hear and feel outside.  Is it a bit weird? Sure, but who cares. If it makes you happy then it doesn’t matter.

joy do it

Don’t know what makes you happy? Try things. Try new things and try old things again. I now have a love for gardening. Gardening and watching my plants grow brings me joy. I use to kill every single plant I touched. I decided to educate myself and learn more about gardening. I gave gardening another chance and now I love it. So far all my plants have been doing great! (fingers crossed) laila plants

Sometimes you should learn more about things before you try them. It will usually give you a better outcome. Kayla and I constantly research about running. We look up the best ways to do things. We have learned about foam rollers, stretching, rehydrating, carb loading, and so much more. Through trial and error and what we’ve learned, we’ve been able to enjoy our runs more and be more successful.

Others will know and recognize what brings you joy. I get told all the time, that I light up when I talk about something I’m passionate about like exercise and running. Ask people what they think makes you happy and if what they mention does not bring you joy then maybe you need to reevaluate how you spend your time.

Don’t let negativity, doubt, guilt, regret, worrying, and busyness steal your joy. Sometimes we are just too busy. You have got to find time for you. Find time to do the things that make you happy. Take care of yourself.  Find a way to add a little bit of joy to your life, every day and in everything you do. Sometimes when I can’t get outside, I’ll open the blinds of the window and look outside. Just being able to see outside helps. It’s the little things that make a difference and bring you happiness. Always find time to add joy to your life!

joy in journeyIt is so important to be able to bring happiness to yourself as well. You can not depend on others to make you happy.  What are things you can do by yourself that brings you joy? I like to take my dog to the dog park, go for a run or walk, read a good book, eat (yea I said it. I love food), I like to exercise, put on makeup and get pretty, listen to music, dance, etc. All of these things I can do by myself. Find things you can do alone that make you happy.

Do you want to exercise more but can’t find the motivation? Find something that you are interested in, that makes you happy. I started my fit journey with Zumba and dance. I love to dance so I found an exercise that involved dancing and shaking my booty.  Then I took boot camp and tabata exercise classes because I loved pushing myself, the competition, and accomplishing a challenge. I loved getting the chance to show how strong I was and how strong I could be. Then I took up running. I loved to be able to get away from everything and just run. I loved making goals for myself and then crushing them.  Because I loved what I was doing, I kept doing it. I kept exercising. Exercising was fun because I found what made me happy.

sucess happinessRunning makes me happy, but sometimes when I’m in the middle of a long run, I’m not so happy. I’m in all kinds of pain and I’m exhausted. But I know that if I keep pushing myself I will accomplish my goal and that’s what brings me joy. Two days ago on my 10 mile run, I had to keep telling myself, “The faster and the more you run, then the faster you’ll be done.” And I knew that when I would be done that I would happy. Happy because I just ran 10 freaking miles like a boss and crushed it!

best view climb.png

Find what makes you happy then do it. Then do more of it! Make it your mission.  Make it your goal, every day! Enjoy life! Do more of what makes you happy!!

do more happy splash feather


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