Kayla Runs Hawaii

Okay, I only ran once. But that counts! I even took a picture of dew dropped flowers to prove it. I was in Hawaii for work and our schedule didn’t give me too much time to fit in morning runs but I got a 3 mile one in. Now I can say I’ve ran in Hawaii.

Fun fact: Hawaii is HOT! For some reason, I guess I thought it was like San Diego. Pleasant at all times. No. It’s f’n hot! So if you don’t get a morning run in, you’ll melt!

Besides running though, I was able to enjoy some hiking while on the island.

19264336_1328730170513728_7020450656172743406_oPhoto by Amanda Moreno with Three Chickadees Photography & Design

For our first hike we rose early (to beat that heat!) to hike Diamond Head, a crater formed by a volcanic eruption 300,000 years ago. This trail starts with some uneven rock with a gradual incline which leads to 74 steps, a tunnel and 99 more stairs! Oh and then a spiral staircase with 43 steps that comes out into a coastal artillery observation platform.


Once you crawl out from the observation deck, the views are spectacular. You can see the  city of Waikiki and the vast, beautiful blue Pacific Ocean. You get a chance to take a breather and enjoy the views. Definitely worth the 216 stairs and 560 foot elevation gain.



Later in the week we hiked Manoa Valley. This hike was much more shaded than Diamond Head. The lush vegetation provided a nice canopy of gorgeous island plant life. There was so much to look at! Also, the internet makes it seem like parts of Jurassic Park were filmed here but I can’t find anything definite. Either way, the valley really has the dinosaur vibe and I was waiting for a raptor to stalk us.


The hiking trail leads to a waterfall after a short 1.5 miles. Be prepared to get a little muddy. Wear good shoes. And walk slow on the slippery rocks. I was very surprised to see people in flip flops and heels…no joke! HEELS! Like this was Jurassic World or something. (Let’s be real, Laura Dern in the original JP has the more sensible shoes!) Anyways, the waterfall! There were also stairs involved in this hike. But they’re the last thing standing in your way to the fall!

19225451_1328295910557154_8291383157811658264_n   Photo by Amanda Moreno with Three Chickadees Photography & Design


Peaceful end to an easy hike. Little excursions like these allow us to treat ourselves in the evenings! Food and fruity drinks!


I am so grateful that I have a job that allows me to travel. I don’t know how else I would have made it to Hawaii. Last year, I ran in seven different states. I am hoping to add more to the list this year. Now I can include Hawaii. It’s a different way of life on the island. I don’t think it is somewhere I could live but I could run in the morning and lay on the beach any day!




  1. Heather · June 18, 2017


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  2. Tracy · June 18, 2017

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful journey!


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