Kayla Runs Washington

Another work trip, another place to run.

I traveled to Whidbey Island, Washington for another work trip. I visited Bangor, Washington last year and immediately fell in love with Washington. If you’re lucky, when you fly in to Seattle, the first thing you see is Mount Rainier from the plane. On this trip, I did not get to see the magnificent mountain in all its glory. That still does not take away from the beauty of this state.

IMG_1231.JPGWhen this is your view while flying in, you know the state will have even more to offer. The first chance I got to hit the road running, I did. I woke up with the sun on Tuesday morning and started heading toward the water. It fuels my soul. I was surprised that the Navy base had running trails with a view.


Coming from the Memphis area where the heat is feeling like 105 degrees, it was a bit of a climate-shock having to run in 55 degree weather! I definitely did not pack appropriate running clothes for the chilly morning but thankfully I had my “plane hoodie” which of course was too heavy for running, but better than nothing.

Speaking of the Memphis area, if you are familiar with the community you might know about the 901 Rocks. It’s a movement taking over the 901 community to spread joy.  People paint rocks and hide them around Memphis so that other people can find them and smile. Talk about a surprise when I was running and came across a Whidbey Island Rock! It really was a sweet coincidence and made me smile so many miles away from the 901.


As I was running along the water, I see a bird chilling on a post ahead of me. In my head, I think, “That looks like an eagle. But there is no way that’s an eagle cause when do you ever see one in the wild?” So as I get closer I come to realize, it is an eagle. And it stuck around for a picture! It actually stayed there the whole time I ran. It was like he was spending his morning just listening to the ocean. It encouraged me to turn off my music and take in the beauty around me.


So my first running experience on the island was a success. My plan was to hit the bay again Thursday morning but some work issues arose and I had to skip it. Thankfully this wasn’t Memphis and I could run in the afternoon. Can you even imagine running in the afternoon in July?!

Naval Air Station Whidbey Island is an aviation base. Which is why I was sent here! I came here to interview sailors that work on the Navy’s newest aircraft. So, running in the afternoon was a bit different than early morning because all the jets were flying around doing training. As I was running, I got the chance to see several aircraft in action. It’s always a nice reminder to see what our military is doing and know that this country is taken care of. I love my job and I am so glad I get to talk to sailors about their service. Pictured below is an old P-3C Orion plane, which probably means nothing if you aren’t in the service. Still cool to see while running.


My Thursday afternoon run was a nice way to wrap up my running on the island. I listened to My Favorite Murder Podcast which actually made me cringe this time! I thought about how lucky I am to be able to travel for my job. I love getting the opportunity to run in new places. My family always worries about me but I cannot be afraid to go on adventures when I travel. I want to see the world. I want to experience all I can. I am so glad that running has given me that chance.


I am glad that I get to share these experiences with you all. I hope that you have enjoyed reading about my travels in Washington. Until next time!

With wanderlust,


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