Inconsistent as F*ck

We’re baaaaackk! Actually we never went anywhere we were just inconsistent as f*ck! To be honest, I haven’t ran in 3 weeks!! Today I set my alarm to wake up early and run but I slept straight through my alarm!! Yea that’s how its been!


So what happened? LIFE happened. Jobs, traveling, and lack of motivation are all to blame. The badass unicorns have continued to run since our first marathon in December 2017 but it hasn’t been consistent. We still remained active by keeping our goal of running at least 1 race every month and just recently joined a kick boxing gym! We love kickboxing!

36908142_10103627155533420_4934227720075739136_nThe look Kayla gives when people try to f*ck with her vibe! #fuckbadvibes Wraps from

Even though our running has been inconsistent and training has been nonexistent, we have still accomplished many goals. I ran one of my fastest half marathons and the badass unicorns ran 2 official races reppin’ #sportsbrasquad which is pretty big for us.

34344317_1933078320317740_4097067714240053248_oFirst race reppin’ the #SportsBraSquad for the Great American River Run! #Run901

36904504_10103627136531500_8046220547261988864_nSecond race reppin’ the #sportsbrasquad for the Navy 10 Nautical Miler.

I have also registered to run the St. Jude marathon again this year with the goal of at least 4:30 which is 31 minutes faster than last year. Again this year I need your support in helping to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Research hospital. is the link to donate. The countdown has begun! 27 weeks till my second marathon! I will start my training with running 5 miles 4 times a week, kickboxing, and hopefully some speed training. Most marathon training plans are usually 20-22 weeks long so I am using theses few weeks to get back consistent with my running.


I am excited to continue on this running journey by setting new goals and pushing myself harder than before. The badass unicorns love you all so much and appreciate all your love and support. We hope that you all will continue to follow and support us!! Please feel free to message us at anytime to share your story or to ask us any questions.


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Let’s do this!

-Sarah Burns



ocean sunset

Kayla and I recently took a trip down to the beach to celebrate our birthdays. It was amazing. I can still feel the ocean breeze and hear the waves crashing on the shore. I absolutely love the ocean. 

ocean sakay laying

ocean sakay

ocean sakay lay smile

Of course we had to run on the beach! ocean run

As I stand in the ocean, water all around me, waves crashing into me, I am at peace. The constant breeze, sound of waves crashing onto the shore, smell of salt water in the air and the sun on my skin. You look out on the horizon and see nothing but sea and sky. There is just something about the ocean that refuels my soul. As I reflect back on our ocean trip, I am reminded of all that the ocean has taught me. 

ocean 2

As Kayla and I venture out into the sea, we are constantly hit with waves. Just as in life, waves, trouble, stress, chaos, hurt, pain can constantly keep hitting you. It can and will knock you down, especially if you are not looking forward, paying attention, and keeping focus on what is ahead. And if you get knocked down, the waves don’t stop, they keep coming. So you have to get up and prepare yourself for the next wave. If you keep walking further out into the sea, walking and pushing through the crashing waves, you will get to a place of calm. The waves are still there but are more calm and manageable. You look back and look at the chaotic waves crashing on the shore and see all that you pushed through and got through. Yet you realize can’t stay out at sea forever, you have to return to the shore. Your time of peace will not last forever. So you’ll have to venture back through the waves, but this time you are prepared, you know what to expect, and you are stronger. You push through the waves again and make it to the shore. The ocean, life, is less intimidating now that you’ve made it through the waves and back again. Now that you are stronger and wiser, you know you can make it through the waves again if you had to. 

ocean poem

Refueled and Renewed,

Sarah Burns

The Marathon Training Officially Begins

Today is the day that our marathon training officially officially starts. I say officially twice because we kind of started last month in order to give ourselves room to miss a run or get in longer runs if we needed to. But today, July 17, is the day that our plan lines up with the date of the full marathon, December 2.

We wanted to share our plan with everyone. I, Kayla, simply Googled a first time full marathon training plan and found this one on Women’s Running. The plan explains what some of the terms mean like XT=Cross Train, H=Hilly Run aka DEATH!, EZ=EASY Effort and so on. Hopefully by sharing this plan with everyone we will hold ourselves more accountable. I know that when I have a structured plan I do much better than just running freely. Something about being able to cross the run off my calendar gives me a sense of accomplishment. Or I just like highlighting things!


So there it is! So many miles! During this training, we are going to share with your our successes, our struggles, our funny stories, what we do to prepare, what we eat, how we fuel and more. As some of you may know, we are registered for the St. Jude Memphis Marathon which raises money for the Children’s Research Hospital here in Memphis. We are really proud to be raising money for this great cause. If you didn’t know, patients and families that visit St. Jude never receive a bill for the care they receive. This means that the hospital functions on donations. How amazing is that. At the end of this post, you can find both of our fundraising pages. We hope that you will donate to each of us. Any amount is helpful!

So, we may be crazy. And we may regret having to run more than 13 miles! But I know it is going to be worth it. I also know that it is going to be hard. A lot of people ask us what our goal is for the marathon. My goal is to finish it. I am not a fast runner. This is going to be an all day thing. Someone will need to carry me to food and beer! But I know that I want to say that I have run a full marathon. This may be my only one. I am glad I chose a local one that is for such a great cause. So don’t forget to donate!



stjude marathon

So today may be the official first day of the training plan but I, Sarah Burns, am already on week 4. Now to be honest with you I have not followed the training plan exactly and I will not follow it exactly. And that it totally ok. Find a training plan you like then tweak it to fit you and your schedule. So on this training plan, I’m trying to focus on the miles. I’m not too focused the type of run (Ex: hills, easy, etc.). For my shorter runs throughout the week I run on trails at Shelby Farms Park (my favorite place) which contains several hills. Then on my long runs I usually run on The Green line (also at Shelby Farms) which is flat. I also TRY to include going to the gym at least twice a week.

My goal for this marathon is the same as Kayla’s which is to finish. We want to try to stay within an 11 minute to 12 minute pace but if that doesn’t happen we aren’t stressing about it. We want to say we ran a marathon and survived!

stjude how much does it take

I am just so excited to be able to participate in this awesome race. I absolutely love St. Jude and all that they do. I have a close friend with a daughter that regularly goes to St. Jude. So this hospital is very close to my heart. Not only do they not have to pay a cent, the staff at St. Jude is amazing. Always so nice, helpful, and truly cares for the patients. I am so glad that I am able to help support this amazing hospital. stjude marathon kid cheer

I was told that some of the patients come to cheer on the runners during the race! Wow that will be a site to see. I’m not sure if I should include bawling my eyes out during a run into my training plan in order to be more prepared! lol Please help us raise money for this amazing cause by using the links below! Every little bit helps and is appreciated! Thank you so much! Continue to follow our blog for updates on our marathon training mishaps and successes, life, and everything in between.



Donate for Sarah

Donate for Kayla

Kayla Runs Washington

Another work trip, another place to run.

I traveled to Whidbey Island, Washington for another work trip. I visited Bangor, Washington last year and immediately fell in love with Washington. If you’re lucky, when you fly in to Seattle, the first thing you see is Mount Rainier from the plane. On this trip, I did not get to see the magnificent mountain in all its glory. That still does not take away from the beauty of this state.

IMG_1231.JPGWhen this is your view while flying in, you know the state will have even more to offer. The first chance I got to hit the road running, I did. I woke up with the sun on Tuesday morning and started heading toward the water. It fuels my soul. I was surprised that the Navy base had running trails with a view.


Coming from the Memphis area where the heat is feeling like 105 degrees, it was a bit of a climate-shock having to run in 55 degree weather! I definitely did not pack appropriate running clothes for the chilly morning but thankfully I had my “plane hoodie” which of course was too heavy for running, but better than nothing.

Speaking of the Memphis area, if you are familiar with the community you might know about the 901 Rocks. It’s a movement taking over the 901 community to spread joy.  People paint rocks and hide them around Memphis so that other people can find them and smile. Talk about a surprise when I was running and came across a Whidbey Island Rock! It really was a sweet coincidence and made me smile so many miles away from the 901.


As I was running along the water, I see a bird chilling on a post ahead of me. In my head, I think, “That looks like an eagle. But there is no way that’s an eagle cause when do you ever see one in the wild?” So as I get closer I come to realize, it is an eagle. And it stuck around for a picture! It actually stayed there the whole time I ran. It was like he was spending his morning just listening to the ocean. It encouraged me to turn off my music and take in the beauty around me.


So my first running experience on the island was a success. My plan was to hit the bay again Thursday morning but some work issues arose and I had to skip it. Thankfully this wasn’t Memphis and I could run in the afternoon. Can you even imagine running in the afternoon in July?!

Naval Air Station Whidbey Island is an aviation base. Which is why I was sent here! I came here to interview sailors that work on the Navy’s newest aircraft. So, running in the afternoon was a bit different than early morning because all the jets were flying around doing training. As I was running, I got the chance to see several aircraft in action. It’s always a nice reminder to see what our military is doing and know that this country is taken care of. I love my job and I am so glad I get to talk to sailors about their service. Pictured below is an old P-3C Orion plane, which probably means nothing if you aren’t in the service. Still cool to see while running.


My Thursday afternoon run was a nice way to wrap up my running on the island. I listened to My Favorite Murder Podcast which actually made me cringe this time! I thought about how lucky I am to be able to travel for my job. I love getting the opportunity to run in new places. My family always worries about me but I cannot be afraid to go on adventures when I travel. I want to see the world. I want to experience all I can. I am so glad that running has given me that chance.


I am glad that I get to share these experiences with you all. I hope that you have enjoyed reading about my travels in Washington. Until next time!

With wanderlust,


Navy 10 Nautical Mile Recap

What is a nautical mile, you ask? According to Wikipedia, it is exactly 1,852 meters or approximately 1.15 miles. When I looked up the equivalent miles for the race, Google said 11.5. My phone said 11.7 after the race. People online who used the hashtag #10NM said it was 11.8. So…let’s just say it was almost 12 miles aka 10 nautical miles.

Okay, so why is this the only foot race measured in nautical miles? According to NSA Mid-South, the Navy base in Millington, Tennessee, the unique distance represents the distance from a ship to the horizon line, a distance in which the United States military battled when they stormed Normandy in June of 1945. So part of this runs allows us to show support for the work of our Armed Forces. This race also gives back to the Sailors and their families in the Millington area. So, yeah, Go America!


Like any good military related race, the start was bright and early, 0600. Meaning I had a wake up call of 0345. while Sarah had the benefit of sleeping till 0400. Thankfully, due to a threat of storms, the entire race was overcast. The biggest complaint I have heard about this race is how hot it is. It was muggy but thankfully no sunshine to fry us or rain to annoy us. The popsicles we were treated with at Nautical Mile 6 were still a blessing!


We were drenched with sweat. There wasn’t a part of our clothing that was dry. I couldn’t even dry my phone off after a water station mishap! After this mishap, I got a false short burst of determination and started running faster. I thank T. Swift for motivating me through the haters (Lady in the red shirt, I’m talking about you!) Sarah began to get delusional as I began to get tired and over it.

Sarah was Miss Peppy, trying to motivate me to keep pushing, not only keep pushing, but push harder. I just didn’t think my legs could push any harder. We only had one nautical mile left. My personal cheerleader, who thought I was mad at her, actually helped me make it to the finish line. Without Sarah, I would have walked way more in that last mile. Thanks to her peppy cheering and pushing, I kept moving! She wouldn’t leave me behind and that is what I love about this friendship that grew around running. We have each other’s back. Even if that means yelling at the other, “We’re almost done! There’s beer at the end! And food. Keep pushing!” While in my head, I am like, “Bitch, shut up, I am dying.” (I say bitch in the most loving way). See below for the picture that pretty much sums up the interaction between us on that last mile.

IMG_0700 (1).jpg

I think it is safe to say, that we both highly recommend this race. You might not luck out with an overcast day, but you will luck out with free beer and food. The volunteers throughout the course were so supportive. They did great with making sure the runners had liquids. They also made sure to cheer us on. Even the military personnel that allowed us to come on base, were a great support! Sometimes you get a race where the volunteers don’t say anything. Don’t be that volunteer! We need a “WooHoo Keep it up!” There was also a great expo after the race that included vendors with lots of unique goodies for runners. They had different free food options, not just one lame-o choice. Overall, one of the best races we’ve done in awhile. Keep an eye out for next year’s registration and take the challenge!


Above, you can see this is what people mean by Runner’s Amnesia. I already had forgotten how much the last mile killed me. I was running on fumes and just glad to have a beer. We were proud of ourselves. Running isn’t easy. I think that might be the best part. You get to conquer a challenge and if you’re lucky, you get a free beer at the end!

Speaking of Runner’s Amnesia, Sarah and I have both registered as St. Jude Heroes for the full marathon in December. If you would like to donate to helping us raise money for the children of St. Jude, please follow the links below.



With love,


10NM sunrise

Sarah’s 10 Nautical Mile Recap

Overall I feel this was a great race! I remember when Kayla first told me she wanted to do this race. I totally did not want to do it. I’ve always been told how hot and tough this race is. Well, we lucked out this year. It was cloudy the entire race. It was a bit humid and still hot but at least there was no sun! And even though the race started at 6am, I am so happy that I was able to catch the sunrise before the race.

I do not know what was up with this race but I was hype the entire time! I was super energetic and positive. I did not feel much pain throughout the race either. My feet and knees were hurting near the end but nothing more than usual. I was dancing and singing all the way to the end!


Photo Courtesy of Blair Ball Photography

We finished the 10 Nautical Miles, almost 12 actual miles in 2:22. A bit slower paced than in our half marathon, but I feel we are on a good start. We have just started our marathon training and I know our pace will increase.

The race ended with free food and beer. Also a great expo with awesome running gear and gadgets! Great race! I would highly recommend this race and I’m sure Kayla and I will run it again next year. The absolute best part about this race and every race we run though was that I was with my bestie Kayla. Near the end of the race I wanted to go faster, but Kayla did not. She told me to just leave her. I wasn’t going to do that. No unicorn left behind!! Yes, races are competitive to me but it’s not all about winning or getting a better time than my running partner. It’s about the journey. The journey in which we push ourselves past our limits and push each other to be better. I know I would not have been in such a great mood this race if it wasn’t for my badass unicorn running partner with me! Even though during the last Nautical mile Kayla called me delusional and was annoyed with me, I’m so proud of her for pushing it even though she wanted to walk. Kayla even went along with her delusional running partner when I told her we were going to sprint to the finish line. As soon as we were past the finish line we quickly forgot about all the painful, tiring, almost 12 actual miles we just ran!


Tales from the Long Run

Sarah and I have a race coming up the first weekend in June, the Navy Ten Nautical Miler aka an 11.5 mile race. It’s the first foot race measured in nautical miles in history. We are pretty excited to finally get to participate. 

I guess you could say we’ve kind of been training… 8 mile runs here and there. We skipped 9 cause life happens and went straight to 10 when we realized it was two weeks away! So here is my tale from my first 10 mile run since our last training cycle. 

I’m all pumped up to run Saturday morning after crafting Pony Boats with Sarah (If you have to ask, you aren’t that cool). My husband is like, “Honey, look at the radar. Might not be a good idea.” I’m like, “My phone says different, no worries!” 

WRONG! I don’t even make if off our street before the rain starts! I had already taken my energy gel so I thought well I could try it on the dreadmill….HA! 

Needless to say, I got 4 miles in and abandoned ship! I hate the treadmill. I started running on the treadmill originally but ever since I started training outside, I can’t go back! 

And now it’s Sunday Funday and Mother Nature blessed me with a clear morning. My husband also made me a sweet running bracelet to represent strength during my runs. It’s got the color of the earth, air and sun. So with all this positive energy I set out to run 10 slow and easy miles. Let’s be real, all my miles are slow. Sometimes not that easy. 

I love where I live in rural West Tennessee. It’s so peaceful to run in the farmlands. Sometimes creepy when I decide to listen to murder podcasts (My Favorite Murder anyone?!) Still beautiful though. Soon the corn will be high and the cotton will be blooming.

So two hours later (told you, slow) I’m back home with sore legs and a hungry belly. And there is NO chocolate milk!!! It was quite devastating. Now I have to grocery shop where I hope my legs won’t fail me. Anyways, I think me and Sarah are more than ready for this race. We both got our ten miles in this weekend. We get to spend some time at the Happy Cactus for Memorial Day. You’ll get to hear from us both about our time running nauticaly! 

Hope you guys got to enjoy the outdoors this weekend. Maybe you enjoyed a run in nature or even on a dreadmill! Whatever you did, you’re awesome. Thanks for stopping by. 

With soreness, 


How we became Bad Ass Unicorns

Welcome to our next adventure…a Blog by Two Bad Ass Unicorns!

Three years ago, I met Sarah in a Tabata class at our local gym. We started off as just gym acquaintances complaining on the same struggle bus that our teacher Jonas was evil. Evil in the way that gives you buns of steel though!


Eventually, we started to do races together and then someone got the idea to do a half marathon which meant we started training together. And that is how we became best friends. We bonded over our love for running and lifted each other up when it got hard. Somehow I convinced Sarah to register for a trail run as our first half marathon. Guys, don’t ever do this! Especially if you aren’t used to trail running. But we conquered and had a blast. And then we had food and beer! Beer and food! Below you can see us smiling at the finish line of our first half marathon.

14232404_10209332691569303_8353290700930602102_n (1)

Quickly after this race, we decided to do a normal half marathon where we didn’t have to climb mountains! We registered for the Greenline Half Marathon where Mother Nature decided to be super hot in October and Sarah had to pee in the middle of the race. Again, we conquered and treated ourselves to beer and food!


During this time, we adopted the name Bad Ass Unicorns based off a cute picture Sarah found on the Internet.


So we invite you to join these Bad Ass Unicorns in sharing our stories on the road. Our stories of triumphs. Our stories of struggle. Our stories of sweat. Our stories of fun. We are going to register for the St. Jude Full Marathon in December. That’s 26.2 miles people! We hope you will join us in the journey to our new goal of running a really stupid and long distance.

One mile at a time!

With love,