Day 1 Marathon Training 2019


Day 1 of Marathon Training!


This is actually a lake! The fog was so thick you couldn’t see anything.

Today was super foggy. The fog this morning represents to me the goal that I can’t quite see yet. As I struggled this morning to complete 5 miles, it’s hard for me to imagine running 26.2 miles in less than 4 months and trying to make it my fastest marathon time yet. But as the fog lifts, I know that I will be able to push through and achieve my goal. It will be HARD but in the end I know achieving my goal and supporting St. Jude will all be worth it.

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Bloom in your own Time

image1 “Nothing in Nature blooms all year. Be patient with yourself.” 

I cannot find who to attribute this quote to but it was my mantra on my morning run today. I’ve been watching these magnolias slowly open up to the world while I am running. It’s been quite lovely.

I have been running for two solid years and sometimes I get down on myself because I am not faster. When I start to think negatively like this, I flip the script and tell myself, “Girl, you can run 13 miles! You can run 5 miles without stopping. You can beat up a kickboxing bag like no body’s business.” And then my feet move faster.

It’s all about perspective. I am not going to be a runner that gets caught up in pace all the time. Sometimes, yes. I want to do well in races. I can be competitive. But I don’t ever want running to turn into something that I have to stress about. It’s my relief. It’s my happy place.

If you find yourself struggling with motivation, just be patient with yourself. Motivation is fickle. You need determination. Not just in running or exercise, but in anything you do. Sometimes you need a day off. Sometimes you need to get away from everything and regroup. That is okay. I encourage it!

Just because we aren’t a flower on a tree doesn’t mean we aren’t a part of nature. We need time to let ourselves grow. We need time to find what works for us. Once you find what you love and enjoy, you will bloom. Just be patient.

With love,