Seasons Change

Seasons change, the weather changes, the leaves change colors and fall. What does not change is the date of our marathon, December 2nd!

fall bundle

No matter what changes are going on in the weather, in the seasons, or even our personal lives, the fact that we still have to run stays the same. The race is not going anywhere therefore we still have to train no matter what changes are going on.

fall leaves 2

Change! That’s a loaded word. With change can come frustration, anxiety, and chaos, but it can also bring joy, excitement, and new beginnings. For myself, I am slightly OCD. Slightly meaning I like things to be a certain way. I like things to have their own place and for it stay there. I like to do things a certain way and to not deviate from that way. Thus I do not like change that much. Change stresses me out and gives me anxiety. I really think it is a control thing. I’d rather be in control of the outcomes of my life. Funny right? Because we all know that will never be the case. Change is constant. It will forever interrupt our lives. So we can either get used to it or forever fight it.

fall path 2

Running continues to teach me every day about life and about myself.  And as the seasons change, running teaches me that change is okay. You have to adapt. As the weather gets colder, I have to now learn how to run with more layers of clothing. I have to figure out the right amount of layers and what is most comfortable as well. I have to get use to running in the cold. I hate the cold! I also have to adjust my running schedule due to the sun rising later and setting earlier. Because of this I have had to do a few afternoon runs in between my am and pm jobs. I am thankful for the time change though. I can hopefully be able to get in more early morning runs now. 

fall leaves 4

Running teaches me that no matter how life changes we still have to keep running. I have worked hard training for this marathon and I’m not going to let any changes stop my progress. Through running I have learned that I can adapt. I am strong and change does not have to be difficult or scary.

fall kayla                    fall sarah2

Without change you are comfortable and complacent. Without change you don’t progress, you don’t grow. Change forces you to fight, to push. Change forces you to change something about yourself which then forces you to grow and become a stronger and better person. So when changes happen, embrace them. Yes it will probably be difficult and uncomfortable but it will also push you to grow into the strong person you are meant to be and the badass unicorn you truly are!! 

-Forever Adapting, Sarah

I Was… I Am… I Will…

I was…

lost, used, beaten, insecure, weak, gullible, sad, abused, far from God, naïve, empty, taken advantage of, unhealthy, mistreated, broken.

I am…

strong, fierce, confident, determined, beautiful, brave, motivated, baptized, closer to God, learning, growing, forgiving, independent, fit, happy, healthy, free, hopeful, a fighter, a runner, a blogger, an entrepreneur, a badass unicorn.

I will…

motivate, inspire, guide others, walk in my purpose, succeed, lead, disciple, achieve, thrive, prosper, encourage others, overcome, live life to the fullest, become all I am intended to be.

I was. I am. I will. was a very challenging and eye opening experience. To write down who I was, was sad and hurtful but then I saw all that I am and will be. I am who I am today because of what I’ve been through and I am so proud of the strong woman I have become. I challenge you to write your own I was. I am. I will. Keep it for yourself or share it with us and others. So many people can relate, learn, and be inspired by your story. This challenge was inspire by



When Life Gets in the Way

So this week has been a bit off and has got me down. As you know, Kayla and I had the 10 Nautical Miler race on Sunday. On Tuesday I ran 3 miles and that’s it. That’s all I’ve done all week long! I also haven’t worked out in the gym in several weeks.  See life kinda got in the way. I’ve actually tried to go running on both Thursday and Friday but I got caught up with other errands. This happens a lot to everyone. Our world is so crazy, hectic, and most of all busy!

so many things to do

I’ve also been trying to get back to my super healthy eating. I do not eat very badly now but I want to get back to how I use to eat. I’m focusing on a no gluten, no diary, healthy eating lifestyle. And man is it tough.  So maybe it’s a combination of the bumps along the way to a healthy eating lifestyle and mishaps in marathon training that got me a little down on myself.

I am my hardest critic. I am the one that pushes myself the most. I’m a little down on myself right now because I know I don’t and won’t take excuses for myself to not run or eat healthy. I know what it takes to get to where I want to be. I know because I have been running and eating healthy for 3 years. Now don’t get me wrong, I am no expert. I have just learned from my experiences and what I’ve been through. Now even though I know this, I also know that life happens. Things come up. Things get in the way and most of the time they are things totally out of our control.  So I know I can take a deep breath and let up on myself.

cant fail

I know where I want to be and I know what it takes to get there. It takes hard work, persistence, faith, and dedication. It’s ok that I’m feeling a little down today because that means I’m still pushing, still fighting. That means I still want better for myself. I also know that I am human and I am not perfect. This journey I am on will not be easy. In fact, I rather it not be easy. You don’t learn from easy. You learn from mistakes, mishaps, and misfortune.  You learn from the grind, the push, and the setbacks. You learn when you get back up and have to keep pushing forward. Do not let a bad week, month, or even year stop you from what you know you can become. You know what you need to do. Keep going. And if you feel like you are going in circles, or have tried everything and can’t succeed, then ask for help, try new things, do things differently. Whatever you do, don’t give up! I promise you it is worth it!


distance runner