Inconsistent as F*ck

We’re baaaaackk! Actually we never went anywhere we were just inconsistent as f*ck! To be honest, I haven’t ran in 3 weeks!! Today I set my alarm to wake up early and run but I slept straight through my alarm!! Yea that’s how its been!


So what happened? LIFE happened. Jobs, traveling, and lack of motivation are all to blame. The badass unicorns have continued to run since our first marathon in December 2017 but it hasn’t been consistent. We still remained active by keeping our goal of running at least 1 race every month and just recently joined a kick boxing gym! We love kickboxing!

36908142_10103627155533420_4934227720075739136_nThe look Kayla gives when people try to f*ck with her vibe! #fuckbadvibes Wraps from

Even though our running has been inconsistent and training has been nonexistent, we have still accomplished many goals. I ran one of my fastest half marathons and the badass unicorns ran 2 official races reppin’ #sportsbrasquad which is pretty big for us.

34344317_1933078320317740_4097067714240053248_oFirst race reppin’ the #SportsBraSquad for the Great American River Run! #Run901

36904504_10103627136531500_8046220547261988864_nSecond race reppin’ the #sportsbrasquad for the Navy 10 Nautical Miler.

I have also registered to run the St. Jude marathon again this year with the goal of at least 4:30 which is 31 minutes faster than last year. Again this year I need your support in helping to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Research hospital. is the link to donate. The countdown has begun! 27 weeks till my second marathon! I will start my training with running 5 miles 4 times a week, kickboxing, and hopefully some speed training. Most marathon training plans are usually 20-22 weeks long so I am using theses few weeks to get back consistent with my running.


I am excited to continue on this running journey by setting new goals and pushing myself harder than before. The badass unicorns love you all so much and appreciate all your love and support. We hope that you all will continue to follow and support us!! Please feel free to message us at anytime to share your story or to ask us any questions.


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Let’s do this!

-Sarah Burns

To another year

I absolutely love the end of the year. Reflecting on the past and projecting positivity towards the future.

2017 has been an amazing year for the badass unicorns. Running has been at the core. Throughout 2017, running has been apart of some of our greatest defeats and our biggest triumphs. A lot has happened, and yet we kept running.

blog coverWe started our blog in May. I am so thankful for everyone’s support. I absolutely love our blog. I am excited to continue with our blog and to see where else it will take us!!

10 NMThe 10 Nautical Mile race was a huge race for us this year. This was our first major race of the year. We were a bit rusty and struggled through it but we had a good time. We love supporting our military. Plus we got an awesome medal!!

sports bra squad dayJune 24th was Sports Bra Squad Day!

sports bra3 Throughout the hot summers, Kayla and I both ran in our sports bras, shedding insecurities, building confidence in ourselves, and encouraging other women to have confidence in themselves. Also because it was f*cking HOT!

run for texasIn August, Hurricane Harvey hit Texas really hard. Kayla and I really wanted to do something to help. Well we decided on what we do best which is run! This great cause was able to raise $49,000 for the American Red Cross and Texas Diaper Bank!

beach runIn September, Kayla and I went to the beach to celebrate my 30th birthday! And of course a run on the shore was a must! We had an amazing time! It was my best birthday yet!

turkey trotIn November, Kayla and I ran in the annual Turkey Trot race. This is our second year running in it together. I’m sure this will become an annual tradition for us. We are bound and determined to win a free turkey! lol

green fridayThis year instead of shopping on Black Friday we ran. First, we had an awesome, yummy, Thanksgiving together. Then we enjoyed Green Friday, which is where you go and enjoy outside, instead of being stuck in long lines at stores with crazy people! This will definitely become a new tradition for me!

marathon4Grand Finale! Kayla and I completed our first marathon on December 2, 2017! This was by far my greatest accomplishment this year!

Through out the year I also pushed myself to improve my pace. On December 28, 2016, I ran 5 miles at an 11:51 pace. On December 30th, 2017, I ran 5 miles at a 9:30 pace. Also in December of 2017, I’ve ran several miles under 9 minutes. Which is the fastest I’ve ever ran. I will continue to push myself in 2018. I plan on continuing to improve my pace.

I am very excited for 2018. I know it will be another amazing year. I plan to run a race every single month of the year. I will definitely run the St. Jude marathon in 2018. I would also like to run more marathons as well. Yes that is marathons, plural! I want to continue to improve my pace and run races with a new personal record best! I want to continue to inspire, motivate, and encourage others with running.  I am also excited to continue with the blog and to see what’s next for the badass unicorns.

2017 total milesSo, what all do you think you could accomplish in 126 hours out of a year? Well, in 2017  I accomplished running over 715 miles! I ran a marathon and I ran on the beach. I ran for a cause and to help others. I ran for fun. I ran to encourage and motivate others. I ran to build confidence in myself and to help others build confidence in themselves. I ran with my best friend and I ran to achieve new goals. I ran and surpassed my limitations. In 2017, I ran over 715 miles and with each step, I changed my life. I am so thankful for all the blessings of 2017 and I am so excited for what 2018 will bring!! Happy New Year!!


2017 was an interesting year for me. It’s hard for me to reflect back on it with happiness because now, it still causes me pain. But I am looking into 2018 with high hopes and determination. For the running aspect of my life, 2017 was a hit!


The first race I ran, I did it solo for the Fort Pillow Trail Run in February. Thankfully, this year it was not freezing but the mountain you have to climb was still there. I love this race because it’s challenging to run on the trails but so worth it. It is also beautiful scenery.

In March, I was able to run with my best friend, Emmy, for her first three mile run ever! She was training for her first 5k which we were also able to do together. That is one of my favorite things about this running journey I have went on, inspiring others! I love when my friends or family tell me that they run now because of me. And that they continue to run because I work so hard which inspires them to keep working!


We decided to do the Wiked Wine Run for Emmy’s first 5k. It was in April and for some unknown reason, Nashville decided that it was going to be in the upper 80s for a day in April. And this race took place in the afternoon (cause they frown on drinking wine in the morning, I guess?!) so it was like the hottest part of the day. But Emmy still did it!! And we were rewarded with wine! So win! win! win!

Speaking of hot days, 2017 was the year I embraced my body and ran around in my sports bra! Cause when you’re hot, you’re hot. Take that anyway you please 😉


I was glad that Sarah finally joined me in the Sports Bra Squad movement! It really is freeing to ditch your tank and be able to breath a little better in the hot, hot days of summer. I challenge you to do it this year!!

Another favorite part about running, is all the cute animals I come across. Since I run in a rural part of Tennessee, I see a little more than Sarah gets to. So check all the cute animals below I saw in 2017. Not pictured: skunks, deer and raccoons!


Of course, the highlight of the year was completing the St. Jude Memphis Marathon! Which you can read more about here.


Training for the marathon showed me that I really can do whatever I put my mind to. Which I plan on using that same determination in 2018 to move my life forward in my personal life and start my new life with strong will.

Running the marathon also inspired my aunt to start training for a 5k! Which I got to do a training run with her before the year ended!


We ran and walked for 2 miles in a cold, rainy drizzle! I was so proud of her. I cannot wait to run her first 5k with her!

In 2017, I ran 770.5 miles, for 158 hours and burned 96,990 calories (roughly)! I had made a goal in 2016 to try and run 1,000 miles but I still beat my milage from last year so I am proud of that. We are planning on running a race every month this year so I am hoping with the constant training I can reach 1,000 miles for 2018. I am not a big New Year’s resolution person but I will say that one of my goals is to run faster this year. I have been toying with the idea of getting a running coach but I have some other priorities that need focused on first.

Another goal is to get back in my kickboxing routine. I went back to my kickboxing gym, CrossKick, a week after the marathon. It had been two months since I had went and oh boy! Talk about being out of that kind of shape. I am looking forward to getting back into my strength training and sticking to it!


I am blessed to be able to run like I do and I am also blessed to be able to run across the country. I ran in Texas, California, Alabama, Washington, and Hawaii!! With my job, I am sure to add some more states this year.


So that’s a wrap on 2017 and now the Badass Unicorns will keeping doing what we do and sharing that with all of you beautiful people! Thanks for supporting us through our endeavors. We look forward to running and inspiring you all during 2018.




Summer Running

kayla hot runIt’s summer time in the South which means it is ridiculously hot and humid! Kayla and I are continuing our marathon training but this heat is not making it easy. When it comes to running in the summer heat, we both had to learn how to run in hot, humid conditions and how to stay safe. Here are a few quick tips to running in the summer heat!

  1. Run before the sun or after the sun! Waking up early is probably the thing I hate most about running. But I rather wake up early than run in the blazing sun and heat. If you can wake up and run before the sun fully rises (like Kayla 4:30 am! *Crazy I know) then that is most ideal. I don’t get off work till late at night so I can’t wake up that early. But I still try to wake up around 6 am. And yes I do take naps during the day! Naps aren’t cheating! Avoid running mid day. This is the time of day that temperatures are the hottest and the sun is beating down on you. If you can’t wake up early then run after the sun has set!
  2. Choose a route with shade! I absolutely avoid routes in the summer time that have no shade. Shade makes a huge difference. It gives you some relief from the sun. I was so thankful for the shade on the green line during my 10 mile run this past weekend. Also asphalt and concrete retain heat, so running in the grass can help as well. shade greenline*Green line on my 10 mile run
  3. Join the Sports Bra Squad! Wear light weight clothing. I try to stick with mesh type, breathable shirts. I prefer not to wear thick cotton shirts because I feel it’s hotter. Try to wear as little as possible or whatever you’re most comfortable with. Join the Sports Bra Squad. OMG! It’s so amazing and most of all cooler!
  4. Hydrate before, during, and after! I feel hydrating and refueling is the most important during the heat! The heat just takes so much out of you, literally! It is recommended that you hydrate every 20 minutes during exercise. I drink water constantly during my summer runs. If you are going to run outside in the heat, please have water on you or very close by. I know it may be annoying to carry water during your run but it’s definitely a must! Try to drink water or sports drinks an hour before and after your run as well. Sports drinks are sometimes better than water because they contain electrolytes. Be careful with all the sugar in sports drinks though. Kayla and I like to water down our Gatorade. We also like using Nuun tablets* in our water. They have electrolytes without all the sugar. Can you drink too much water? Yes, you can actually. It’s called hyponatremia which is when you drink so much water that it dilutes your blood sodium levels. Crazy right! So make sure you don’t drink more than 32 oz of water per hour. Make sure you are also refueling with electrolytes and food within 30 minutes after your run! The heat will take a lot out of you but hydrating and refueling makes it better. water bottle*Water bottle I use. Fits around my hand so I don’t have to worry about holding onto it. It also has a pocket on the front to fit my phone and Gu. Nuun*Nuun tablets Kayla and I use.
  5. Slow your pace! “Every 5°F rise in temperature above 60°F can slow your pace by as much as 20 to 30 seconds per mile”-Runner’s World. Crazy right. Lately Kayla and I have been running in 75°F – 80°F weather which means our ppm (pace per mile) has decreased by as much as 2 minutes! Just reading this makes me feel so much better. Just recently I was getting frustrated with my 12+ minute miles. Now I know that it’s to be expected. I love what Kayla told me recently “Don’t worry about pace because the heat affects it so much. So were gonna be like so fast in December!” And she is right. Don’t try to try push yourself too hard. Just put the miles in and don’t worry about the pace.
The summer heat can be tough on your running but if you stick it out you will become a stronger runner and a badass unicorn!!

Me, Myself, and My Sports Bra

Today marked a milestone. Today was my first official day running in a sports bra all by myself. I have ran twice with Kayla in our sports bras but today was different. Today I didn’t have the amazing Kayla for motivation and support. I had to do it all on my own.

So this is how it went. When I first woke up this morning it was thundering. I didn’t want to start running and get caught in a down pour so I waited. When the rain stopped, I started to head out but it started pouring down again. So I just decided to go to the gym. I ran 1 mile on the treadmill (sooooooo boring) and worked out my arms. Then I noticed that it was sunny outside so I decided to put in my 6 miles for the day (marathon training).

sports bra1

It was 12pm after a storm, on July 4th, in Memphis, Tennessee. Which means it was f*cking HOT and HUMID!!!!!! Humidity is the worst!! So I decided to run in my sports bra. When I got out the car I felt like people were looking at me and judging me. I took off running. Not having a shirt on felt better already. It was so hot and I was so thankful to not have on another layer of clothing that would be sticking to me and drenched in sweat.

I was still feeling insecure though. I went around the first turn and there were these two ladies walking towards me. As we passed each other, I did my little smirk smile to be polite and this lady smiled so big at me! It was like she was proud of me and cheering me on for running in my sports bra. I know it seems silly but it worked for me. I then started feeling more confident. I soon realized, no one really cared that I was running in my sports bra.

I decided to run in my sports bra today because it was hot as hell period. Then it turned into more than that. I didn’t run in my sports bra to be sexy. I ran in my sports bra to be strong. Strong, brave, confident. I ran in my sports bra to show women that we need to stop being so hard on ourselves. I ran 6 miles today. Not many people can say that, but I can because I have worked hard. I know I’m not skinny but I know I can run and I’m strong. And I am proud of that.

sports bra3

A proud member of the Sports Bra Squad -Sarah-

Thank you to the lady that smiled so big at me, not once but twice when I passed you again! You made my day. Just another example at how smiling at someone can make such a huge impact!! Smile! Pass it on!





Not Skinny

Just because I’m not skinny doesn’t mean I’m not fit.

Just because I run doesn’t mean I’m skinny.

Just because I’m not skinny doesn’t mean I can’t run.

Just because you’re skinnier doesn’t mean you’re faster.

Just because I’m not skinny doesn’t mean I don’t eat healthy.

Just because I’m not skinny doesn’t mean I’m ashamed of my body.

I run to be strong, not skinny.

Just because I’m not skinny doesn’t mean I’m not strong.

Just because you’re skinny doesn’t mean you’re not strong.

Skinny or not skinny we can all be strong.

-poemish by Sarah Burns

little fierce

What is Strong?

By definition strong means: having the power to move heavy weights or perform other physically demanding tasks. exterting great force. able to perform a specified action well and powerfully. powerfullly affecting the mind, senses, or emotions. (of a person’s character) showing determination, self-control, and good judgement.

Running is all of these and more. Running is probably the most physically demanding tasks I’ve ever done. It definitely affects the mind, senses, and emotions.  It also requires a lot determination and self-control. I’m sure plenty of people would argue that running is a choice of good judgement but you get my point. So by definition if you are a runner, you are strong. No matter if you are skinny or not.

tough strong resilent runner

So let’s support each other. Let’s not judge based on body type, which also means not judging yourself. We can all be strong. We can all be badass unicorns!

-Strong Sarah

stanky creek training

Badass Unicorns join the #SportsBraSquad

Today is Global #SportsBraSquad Day! A movement that was started by one of our favorite bloggers Kelly Roberts who writes Run, Selfie, Repeat. It started as a way for women to shed their shirts while running to show they are stronger than their insecurities. And it has been amazing watching it take off. Check out the hashtag on Instagram and just see how many strong women ran sans shirts today!

For some reason, as women, we find it hard to take off our shirt when we are pouring sweat. We would rather have the soaking wet shirt stick to us, mess around with trying to adjust it, and still make our bodies 10 degrees hotter rather than just taking it off. Why? Probably because we think people will judge us. I don’t look like the women in running ads. Before this movement started, I really did think that someone would pay attention to me enough to be like, “Ew, that girl should not be running without a shirt.” Guess what? People don’t care!

Even today, running with Sarah, no one gave us weird looks or did a double take. We live in Memphis. It’s hot here. Girl, just be free! Or run with your shirt on. Either way, we want women to look beyond their body image and look at what their bodies can do. That is what this movement is all about.

So when, Kelly Roberts told the world that there would be a Global Day for this kickass movement, I immediately text Sarah to save the date. Technically, we had run together in our sports bras while training for a trail half marathon, but no one else saw us. We were struggling in the woods, melting from the heat. I had ran by myself in a sports bra on the beach. (You can read all about that experience on Women’s Running Magazine. I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to share my story thanks to Kelly Roberts. Scroll down and you can see that I am the last woman to share my experience.)

Anyways, Sarah had never technically ran in such a public place in just her sports bra. For some reason, we both find this intimidating. Sarah even mentioned that when running alone she didn’t want people to think she was promiscuous. Which is another crazy point in why we are afraid to run in a sports bra. As women, we have to worry that someone may take our skin as an invitation to approach us. We have to worry that someone might think we are asking for something or trying to show off. People! It’s hot! Running is hard! I may look fine but that doesn’t mean I want you to come get handsy!

As we were finishing up our last mile, Sarah said, “You know this actually feels good. It’s not as bad as I thought it would be.” My heart was so happy to hear that! We both have our insecurities about our bodies. Today we chose to set those aside and show the world that we are strong!

I think that society, especially the running community, is doing a better job to showcase all body types. Just pick up the June issue of Women’s Running Magazine. They have done such a great job in showing people that not all runners look the same. Women have been speaking up about the fact that beauty is not what a magazine tells us it needs to be. And guess what? We have been heard. You have so many companies now making sure that they show their clothes on all body types. That’s the great thing about being human. We aren’t all the same. We need to start embracing ourselves and our fellow humans. Don’t judge. Lift people up. Show people that you can live an active lifestyle and not have to strive to look a certain, perfect way. We want people to be and feel healthy. Not beat themselves up over a number on the scale. I love my body. I am proud that it can run and run and run and run. Instead of thinking about the number, I think about what m body is capable of.

This movement isn’t trying to tell people you MUST run in a sports bra. For me, it’s a way to show that I am stronger than society’s perceptions of what women should look like and what women should wear. I hope this movement can give more women courage. I hope that it can allow them to see the strong sides of themselves, whether they’re running with or without a shirt.


With bravery,