About the Unicorns

IMG_4567Kayla could spend all of her days outside in the sun. Former roller derby player turned runner¬†once she hung her skates up. She enjoys cuddling her three rescue dogs, Mary Jane, Mollie and Lady Vol. Give her an ice cold beer, let her dance barefoot in the grass and she’ll be your friend forever…unless you’re mean. Triflers need not apply.


Sarah’s mission in life is to motivate, instill confidence, and positively impact lives! She is an educator, hard worker, goal crusher, marathoner, entrepreneur, dog mom, and so much more. She enjoys the outdoors, sipping on wine, eating good food, listening to music, gardening, spending time with friends and her gorgeous pup, and working out.¬† She’s always pushing herself to surpass her own expectations and limitations, learning, growing, and working on bettering herself. She hopes that this blog can motivate, educate, and inspire others about running and loving themselves!